Christian Men’s Ministry is a ministry of the Master’s Men.


Whether you want to admit it or not, church is not a place that men like to frequent. It appears feminine and out of touch. But when men meet Jesus they meet a real man. Our goal is to lead men to Christ and get them back in the local church for discipleship.


Master’s Men was started in 1999 by Founder and President Jim Coté. On the way to church one Sunday morning he noticed men going out to get the paper or backing their bass boats down the driveway, but few heading to church. It raised the question, “How will men hear if they are not there?” Is church ‘relevant’ in the eyes of men? He later found that only 39% of Sunday church attendance was male.

“If men won’t go to church, how do we reach them?”

You have to go to them, and reach men where they are at! Because of this the Master’s Men ministry was started.


It started with a small group in Dallas, TX. Combining the one-on-one discipleship and teaching of Jim Coté with his experience of corporate and sports chaplaincy, he created a discipleship and evangelism model that was specifically tailored to men. He found that men needed a place to open up, a place where they could say what they needed to say and not be judged. A place to be trained, equipped, and sent out.

He also found that when motivated around a common interest men will reach their friends for Christ. This concept grew and became a network of teams around the country that is now located worldwide. The method is simple: Go and reach men where they are at, as they are, with the message of Jesus Christ.

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